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workbenches with counter tops
Benches with long countertops

subdividable drawer interiors
Subdividable drawer interiors allow for maximum organization

workbenches with overhead cabinets
Workbenches with overhead cabinets for bulk storage

Technician and service workbenches: standard features

auto technician workbenchLista's wide range of workbench and storage products enables service departments in auto dealerships, motorcycle shops, body shops, construction equipment service facilities, power equipment dealerships and more to configure exactly the work area solution that ideally suits their needs. 

Unlike some one-size-fits-all products, Lista solutions are individually tailored to meet your specific requirements. And as service departments become an increasingly important profit center for dealerships, the good looks and aesthetically pleasing, professional image of a Lista-equipped service department will pay dividends in increased traffic and repeat business. Lista technician benches will shift your organization into high gear.

  • Durability: stands up to hard use
  • Productivity: technicians become more productive when tools and supplies are organized right at hand
  • Ample counter space: whether durable galvanized steel, handsome stainless steel, or rugged butcher block worksurfaces, technicians will have plenty of room for tools and supplies
  • Lockable cabinets: improve security, reduce shrinkage, enable technicians to have personal storage 
  • Variety of above-worksurface accessories: configure benches to best suit your uses
  • Space-saving overhead cabinets: store bulky items off worksurfaces, near at hand
  • Durable mobile toolboxes: pair cabinets with workcenters that can be brought next to the equipment being serviced
  • Special tool storage solutions: lockable cabinets can be configured to hold expensive tools

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